A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Ever hear the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Growing up I remember hearing that phrase many times. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be an actual photograph, it can be something you actually see then frame it in your mind like a picture. I like to dabble in photography. Nothing fancy, not a lot of editing because I like things as natural as possible. When I look through the lens of a camera I see life very differently. I look at the little things that we don’t always pay attention to in nature and even old things. Nature and old items have to be two of my favorite things to photograph. You find and see things others don’t and a photograph allows others to notice them.

Growing up when I would walk up that little hill on the worn path to my granny’s house, the anticipation of sitting in an old, creaky rocking chair made me giddy. I have always loved rocking in a rocking chair. I would enter granny’s house and the first thing I would do is sit down in that old, wooden, creaky rocking chair. As I would rock and talk to granny that rocking chair would creak as the wood rubbed against itself. That was my spot at granny’s and she knew it and made sure that’s where I sat even when others were there in her house.

As I grew a bit older, before my grandmother got sick she and my grandfather would tell me how pawpaw couldn’t bear me being upset and crying when I was a baby. They said he would pick me up and hold me close as he sat down in the rocking chair and talked to me as he rocked me, soothing me from whatever had me worked up. They said that seemed to be the only thing that would calm me down, even if I was sick, rocking in a rocking chair. Even as a young child, both of my grandparents would sit me in their lap and rock me. I think they did it because most of the time it would put me right to sleep giving them a break from all of my shenanigans. It tends to calm me no matter what is going on in my life. It is very comforting to me. It takes all of my stress away and clears my mind. I often wonder if it’s because they rocked me so much as a baby on up until I was around 7 or 8 that I love to sit and rock in a rocking chair.

The rocking chair pictured above was the very rocking chair that was in my granny’s house. The wooden, creaky rocking chair that I so loved. When my granny passed away she told the family to make sure I got that rocking chair and when she passed, it was given to me. I cried like a baby knowing my granny knew how much I loved that rocking chair. That old rocking chair is over 100 years old today. When I look at it, I go back to being in granny’s house rocking in that chair and having a nice chat with her. When I look at this picture a thousand words spoken to me by granny and memories spending time with her when I was young comes flooding back. Oh how I loved our conversations! To me, this picture is worth a thousand word!

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