1973 – Going to live with my parents

dana_around-1971My parents bought a mobile home and put it up on the small hill by my grandparent’s house. The transition was hard. Going from everything I knew to a home I wasn’t familiar with and parents that I only saw on visits here and there that were scary. I remember the feeling of wanting to crawl under my bed to hide so my parents couldn’t find me. I remember crying and clinging to my grandmother as she and my mother wrestled to release my grip. Next was the walk up the small hill with my mother to the single wide mobile home as I continually looked back at my grandparent’s house.

As we entered my new home we stepped into the living room with thick, gold carpet. A couch sat under one window and two chairs and a small table sat next to the other window across the room. My mother took me down a hallway to the right that led to my room. There was a twin sized bed against the wall close to the door and a small dresser against another wall to the left. Some toys were sitting in a corner across the room and a promise from my mother she would go get the rest of my things from my grandparent’s house. There was a small closet in the corner and a bathroom across from the closet. I remember feeling sick to my stomach and wanting to run away. My mother showed me the rest of the mobile home. We walked through the kitchen where a round dinner table and four chairs sat. Through the kitchen down a hallway, there was another door on the left and just past the door was my parents bedroom.

After what seemed like forever but was probably more like a couple of hours, I had completely calmed down enough my mother felt like it was okay to walk down to my grandparent’s house to get the rest of my things. When we walked into my grandparent’s house, I immediately ran to my grandmother and threw my arms around her waist. She embraced me in a warm, loving hug and reassured me things would be okay and I would see her all the time because we were just up the hill from her and my grandfather. We gathered the rest of my belongings and walked back up to the mobile home on the hill. We walked into my room and put my things away. It took a little while but I was starting to feel a little more comfortable.

The picture on the left if of me when I was three years old. It was a time in my life when I was safe and happy. Little did I know, that feeling of being safe and happy would change after moving in with my parents. That mobile home is where my life would start turning upside down.

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