Where It All Began

Let’s step back to 1967

It all began in May 1967. My mother had been dating my father for a few weeks. My father was married to another woman at the time and had two young boys, which my mother knew about. They went on a double date with my mother’s friend one night. They went back to the friend’s apartment where I was conceived. Fast forward to July 1967 when my mother found out she was pregnant. After sharing the news with my father he gave her a ring and proposed. Keep in mind he was still married.

They picked a date in September to marry. Back then you could drive to Mexico, get a divorce and get married all in one trip. My father picked up my mother then drove to his house, picked up his wife and two boys and drove to Mexico. There he divorced his current wife and married my mother. He drove his now ex-wife and two boys back home, dropped them off and left with my mother and moved into an apartment in town. Five months later, I was born in a hospital in Louisiana to parents that didn’t really want me which I didn’t find out about until much later in life.

I asked my mother once what was her first thought when she saw me for the first time. She said she thought I had skinny arms and legs and looked like a spider and she didn’t have any other thoughts. I was hoping to hear she was so happy to see this sweet baby girl in her arms and how much she loved me the minute she saw me. You know, that typical reaction you see on television or you hear about from other people when they saw their child for the first time. Needless to say, her response to my question really hurt my heart.

My maternal grandparents said they were in love with me from the minute they saw me. Maybe that’s a typical grandparent response, but my grandparents ended up playing a significant role in my early years. Unfortunately , my paternal grandparents were killed in a car accident in 1964 and never got to see or meet any of their grandchildren.

This explains how it all began and gives some insight into my parents and their morals even though they were both raised in loving families.

Hang tight! More of my life story to come.

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